If you put our micro-banner in one of your pages you connect your page to our automatic scanning system, here's what will happen:

1 - Every 4 weeks our system will scan your page, producing a mini-RSSL report about your page.
The generated report will be shared with major aggregators and search engines, increasing your chances to be found and your rank, so you don't need to come and scan your page manually any more.

2 - For each scan our system will create a STATIC page containing a copy of your page informations (meta-parameters and other infos), this way each static report will be found by robots (an example is Google robot) and indexed as a classic web page by search engines, increasing the number of links to your page around the web, and giving you the chance to be found by human visitors.

3 - All scans together are resumed into a main history page (a STATIC page) containing links to all your mini-RSSL reports and to all your static mini-report pages inside our system, increasing your rank and your traffic.

4 - Your informations will be reachable from our search.

5 - People in your site clicking our micro-banner will be driven into YOUR static history page in our system (NOT to our home page!), so if they click a link they will find again informations about your site.

You can put a micro banner in all your site pages if you want, to check which limitations we apply please refer to our FAQ page.

If your site is missing metaparameter please add them if possible, this will increase your mini-report chances to be better indexed by search engines! Please refer to FAQ page.

This is the code you must embed in your page to be connected to our AUTOMATIC MONTHLY SCAN: