What is RSSL?
RSSL is a remote system built to create for you a mini RSS alike remote report for your internet page.
If you own a site with or without a RSS technology this system can scan your site and produce the report in one click.
Once created, this report is kept and shared with major search engines and aggregators around the web.

Is there a difference between RSS and RSSL?
RSSL system keeps an history about your page, and can be created every months.
The aim of the system is to remember some of your site information even after his death.
If you buy a new domain you could be interested to know how that domain has been used by the previous owner, so RSSL is the answer!
Until your site is alive RSSL is meant to be a RSS alike report.

Can i scan multiple pages in my site?
Sure! The only limitation is we scan dynamic pages where those pages have only one dynamic parameter.
Working example:
NOT Working example:
http://www.mysite.com/index.php?par1=page1&par2=hello (no multiple parameters allowed).

Can i scan an exisiting RSS file?
Yes you can, under the previously explained conditions (about dynamic files).

Do you provide automatic monthly scanning?
Yes but only if you put our mini-banner inside pages you want to be scanned.(click here)
If you accept this condition you will get much more: this system will create a static page containing a copy of your RSSL for each scan provided, and a main static page containing your page RSSL complete history.
This trick will be usefull for Google robot (as example) to know more about your site, this means more information shared about you.
People clicking the mini-banner will be driven to your main history page in our site, where they will be able to visit all your sub pages (with single RSSL) and they will find links back to your pages.
This condition will help you to increase your site rank.

I get an alert talking about missing meta parameters in my site, what's that?
Many sites scanned by mini-RSSL seem to have some missing parameters.
An HTML page is created as follow:


The "HEAD" part should contain a description about your page and some keywords (used by search engines to index your page), so you should insert those datas to make your page to be better indexed by search engines and aggregators.
In case you use our AUTOMATIC MONTHLY SCANNING SERVICE, those meta-parameters will be copied into static pages we create for you in our directory, increasing the chances for your site to be visited through our directory.
If you aren't expert about meta parameters we suggest you to search Google for: HTML META PARAMETERS.
If your webmaster created for you an internet site without META-PARAMETERS so he is not serious at all, or may be he is a newbie in programming internet pages, so ask him to insert metaparameters as soon as possible, or this lack will vanify all your web work.